Telling Time in French

Telling time in french can be difficult for some students. To start with most students should be very comfortable with numbers. Once you have mastered numbers you can simply fill in the blanks. Il est_____h or h’s. Once you know Il est, then you can work with the more “French” way of telling time. The first rule to remember that up to 3o minutes past the hour, you can still use Il est ___h____minuites. So if it were 1:25 we would say”Il est un h vingt cinq. Now after 30 past the hour you jump to the next hour and subtract the number of minutes. So if it were 1:45, we would say il est un h moins quinze. We also have the expressions demi which means half and quart for the 15 minute point. So we can say that it is 1:30 in the following ways; Il est un h trente, Il est un h demie, or Il est deux hs moins trente. Now we can express 1:15 two way; Il est un heure quinze or Il est un heure et le quart.

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